About Social Purpose Real Estate (SPRE)

Located in Vancouver, Canada, we are a group of funders, investors and government representatives that engages and invests with social purpose real estate. The SPRE Collaborative is not a funding program, landlord or building operator. We are a collaborative in which each member is interested in working strategically with one another to be more effective and expand their work in this area. Collectively we help mission-driven organizations with their real estate needs in order to enhance the sustainability, capacity and assets of the sector. Our strategic goals through to 2015 are as follows:

  1. To support, enhance and increase social purpose real estate assets that meet community needs
  2. To build the capacity of mission driven organizations and the social purpose real estate sector
  3. To leverage social and financial capital in support of social purpose real estate
  4. To strengthen the SPRE Collaborative to maximize impact and reach

Collaborating Organizations

Each SPRE Collaborative member has its own unique focus, approach and ability. All members are working to build community assets on their own, or through unique partnerships and investments, that create a blend of real social, environmental and financial returns. Learn more about the Collaborating Organizations.